Liquid Skin Protectant for Intense Workouts



1 Pack ($19.95) / 2 Pack ($34.95) / 5 Pack ($74.95)
Cross-Seal is a liquid skin protectant that prevents and protects rips, cuts, calluses, and blisters. Cross training athletes no longer have to let hand rips and tears stop them from their workout. Cross-Seal lets athletes get back on the bar quickly. 20 single-use applicators included per pack. FREE SHIPPING



1) Use callus file to file and remove any ripped or torn skin

2) Clean and dry affected area

3) Use a single-use applicator to apply a thin layer of Cross-Seal over the area

4) Let dry for 60 seconds

5) Reapply as needed

*Do not re-insert applicator into bottle after initial application


  • Holds Up to Chalk and Sweat

  • Seals Out Dirt & Germs

  • No-Sting Formula

  • Prevents & Protects Rips, Cuts, Calluses & Blisters

  • Dries in 60 seconds

  • Callus File & Single-Use Applicators Included