Save Your Hands

Never Miss Another Workout

Single-use applicators included

Cross-Seal is a liquid skin protectant created for Cross Training Athletes.

How many times were you ready to keep your workout going but a blister or ripped callus forced you to stop? With Cross-Seal, you will never miss another WOD.

  • Holds Up to Chalk and Sweat
  • Seals Out Dirt & Germs
  • No-Sting Formula
  • Prevents & Protects Rips, Cuts, Calluses & Blisters
  • Dries in 60 Seconds
  • Callus File & Single-Use Applicators Included
Worked like a charm. No tears, no stayed on the whole WOD. Awesome stuff!
— Kyle H.

Cross-Seal prevents calluses & blisters.

Use Cross-Seal as a liquid shield to prevent ripped calluses and blisters from forming. Stop existing ones from tearing during Hook Grip and other lifts.

Cross-Seal protects rips & cuts.

Cover and protect rips, cuts, calluses, and blisters with Cross-Seal for a quick return to bar and box workouts. Never miss another WOD!

Cross-Seal seals & repairs hands.

Apply Cross-Seal pre- and post-workout to seal and repair ripped and torn skin.