Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cross-Seal?

Cross-Seal is a medical grade, flexible liquid skin protectant that prevents and protects rips, cuts, calluses and blisters. Cross-Seal is an FDA registered product.

How long does it take for Cross-Seal to work?

It takes about 60 seconds to dry.

How do I use Cross-Seal?

1) Use callus file to file and remove any ripped or torn skin

2) Clean and dry affected area

3) Use a single-use applicator to apply a thin layer of Cross-Seal over the area

4) Let dry for 60 seconds

5) Reapply as needed

*Do not re-insert applicator into bottle after initial application

How do I use the callus file?

Calluses play an important role for cross training athletes and need to be treated properly. Use the callus file to file down your calluses so they are level with the rest of your skin. Cover the callus with a layer of Cross-Seal. Proper callus maintenance helps avoid ripped and torn skin so you can complete your workout.

How often should I use Cross-Seal?

Cross-Seal should be used pre- and post-workout to prevent and protect rips, cuts, calluses, and blisters.

Does Cross-Seal work on all cuts and scrapes?

Yes. Cross-Seal works on all cuts and scrapes. Remove any loose or ripped skin before applying.

Where can I purchase Cross-Seal?

You can find us on Amazon (coming soon) or order through this site.

If you have any additional questions, click here to contact us.